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Metal Roofing for Homes in DFW

Metal roofs for homes are quickly becoming a popular choice for homeowners. They offer improved longevity over traditional asphalt shingles. Learn more about this outstanding material for residential roofs and how SPC Construction and Roofing can help you install your new roofing system.

Why Metal Roofs for Homes Are Popular

People like outfitting their homes with metal roofs, such as Decra Metal Tile Roofing, Decra Metal Shingle Roofing and Decra Metal Shake Roofing because they are fire resistant, long-lasting and easy to install. They can be painted in a variety of colors so that they match the design of the home.

For homes with low or gentle pitches, metal roofing is a great option! It is not likely to leak or pool water. For higher pitches, metal roofing for homes does an amazing job shedding rainwater.

Fire resistance is an important characteristic of metal roofs. Of course, if the foundation below the metal roof is combustible (such as wood), this characteristic is less impactful. For newer homes outfitted with metal support structures, a metal roof adds to the overall fire resistance of the home.

Cost Savings with Metal Roofs for Residential Homes

The biggest cost savings with metal roofs for residential homes comes from heat conduction. The metal reflects the heat from the sun. By mid-day, when your roof and home are reaching their maximum heat absorption, you will notice a cooler environment due to the metal roof. This reflective trait leads to big savings in cooling costs.

In the long term, there are large cost savings with metal roofs due to their longevity. Warranties for metal roofs vary by manufacturer, but most will guarantee their products for 20 to 50 years. For a well-installed asphalt shingle roof, it might last 20 years, but that’s an optimistic estimate.

Do you think a metal roof is right for your home? Call the specialists at SPC Construction and Roofing to learn more. We have 30 years of experience in the roofing business, and we’re happy to guide you in choosing your next roofing system.

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